Rupert’s hands shook and his heart raced as he entered his PIN number at the cash machine. What the fuck was he doing? Was he really going to go through with this? He cursed as he got an error message, and tried again, more carefully this time.

He pressed the button for cash without a receipt and debated for a moment. Was one hour with Josh going to be enough?

Fuck it.

If he was doing this, he was going to do it properly. He withdrew four hundred pounds, just in case. He wanted to keep his options open.

When he walked back into the bar, Josh was looking at his phone again. Slouching back in his chair with his long slender legs stretched out under the table, he looked utterly relaxed. The polar opposite of how Rupert was feeling right now. Josh’s dark fringe hung over his forehead. When he raised his head to greet Rupert, Josh’s face lit up, his sharp features softening into a smile that made Rupert’s stomach flip with nerves and desire.

“He finally texted,” Josh said, putting his phone down on the table. “My client, I mean. I was a bit worried about him. He’s usually ultrareliable, but he was stuck in a late meeting, and then his phone ran out of battery.”

“I’ve got the money,” Rupert said. He didn’t want to hear about the man Josh was supposed to be meeting. Josh was his now, at least for the next few hours. That thought was satisfying in a way Rupert could never have anticipated. Owning another person, buying the right to touch them. Who knew that would turn him on so much? But he’d been half-hard ever since Josh had named his price. “Are you ready to leave?”

If Rupert taking control of the situation surprised Josh, he didn’t show it.

“Okay,” he said mildly. He picked up his drink and downed what was left of it. His throat bobbed as he swallowed, and he licked his lips and gave Rupert a dirty grin. “Let’s go.”

Rupert imagined those lips around his cock and had to look away. These trousers didn’t hide much, and with his shirt tucked in and his jacket hanging open, there was nothing to help hide his arousal. The sooner he got Josh somewhere alone, the better.

Josh followed him out into the street. It was nearly ten at night and mild for April. Orange street lamps lit the pavement, and the scent of the city streets filled Rupert’s nostrils as he breathed in.

“This way.” Josh turned towards one of the large chain hotels, popular with business visitors and tourists.

“Do you always see your… customers in a hotel room?” Rupert asked. The idea of Josh with these nameless, faceless men—Rupert assumed they were all men—made him feel a strange mix of excited and uneasy.

“I’m less likely to get arrested that way. Clients rarely want to bring an escort back to their home, and I wouldn’t go even if they did. In the hotel there are security cameras in the corridors.” He glanced sideways at Rupert as though assessing the risk.

Rupert supposed he was an unknown quantity. He was glad Josh was careful. “I guess that’s sensible.”

“I learned my lesson fast.” Josh’s tone was light—too light. Rupert wondered what had happened to make him so cautious now.

They made their way through the large double doors of the hotel and crossed the lobby to the lifts. The female receptionist looked up as they passed her, and smiled in recognition when Josh nodded.

Rupert felt his cheeks heat as her gaze slid over him, and his skin crawled with the realisation that she knew. She knew he’d be paying Josh to… to what? To suck him, to let Rupert fuck him? Or maybe he’d fuck Rupert if Rupert asked him to. He wondered what Josh’s limits were: what wouldn’t he do? Hot with shame, Rupert only felt more turned on.

The lift pinged, and the doors opened. Rupert followed Josh in and waited as he pressed the button for the fifth floor. When the doors slid shut, they were finally alone.

Unable to wait any longer, Rupert stepped in close to Josh and pinned up him against the mirrored wall. Nose to nose they were almost the same height. Rupert had maybe one inch on Josh, but Rupert was much broader and more powerful. Josh’s eyes were green, strikingly beautiful, and his breath was soft on Rupert’s lips as he waited for Rupert to make a move.

“You can kiss me,” Josh finally said. “This isn’t Pretty Woman, you know.”

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