Seven Days

Title: Seven Days

Series: Standalone

Author: Cristina Bruni

Publisher: JMS Books

Cover Artist: J. M. Snyder

Release Date: January 28th, 2017

Genre(s): Erotic, M/M Romance

Words: 61,000

About the Book


During a golf tournament in Virginia, American golfer Reginald Weston meets Russell Lee, the British former world champion in the sport. The two men hit it off when Reginald takes Russell under his wing, teaching him the tricks of the game.

As their friendship deepens, Reginald finds himself falling in love with the Englishman, though he knows Russell doesn’t feel the same. He’s painfully aware of the fact that Russell isn’t gay.

But there’s more to Russell than meets the eye. He’s a troubled soul, plagued by monsters in his head telling him who he should be. He’s spent most of his life hiding his sexuality from the world so he won’t disappoint his homophobic mother.

Is seven days enough time for Russell to break through the years of hurt and accept the new direction fate has in store for him and Reginald?


For a few minutes his embarrassment remained, keeping them company.

“You did a good job today, young man. You have a good swing.”

Russell’s words were so unexpected that they forced Reggie to turn to him with two big, surprised eyes. “Did you see me play, Mr. Lee?” he asked as innocently as a child.

“Let’s clarify something here: Mr. Lee was my father,” Russell replied, laughing. “How old do you think I am?”

Oh, Reggie knew how old he was. To tell the truth, he knew Russell Lee’s professional bio so well, he could have participated in a quiz show. He knew everything about him.

But in that moment his mind was completely, utterly empty.

“Sure, I know how old you are,” he replied. “I mean, back home I have your poster above my bed.”

Holy shit.

Russell chuckled, letting his head fall back as he massaged his chin.

Reggie found him good-looking, he couldn’t help it. He had to be honest with himself. Maybe Russell wasn’t a traditional beauty or a cover model, but that shining look, the proud features, and the affable smile made him simply beautiful in Reggie’s eyes.

“Wow, I should feel flattered,” the man commented in a low and warm voice, characterized by his strong British accent. “And since I’m only thirty-one, call me Russell, okay?”

His idol authorizing him to call him by name. It had to be Christmas. “Okay, that’s fine, Mr.…erm, Russell.”

Russell, Russell, Russell…

Now that he was saying it out loud, addressing Russell directly, the name gained an almost magical sound when it rolled off his tongue.

“Anyway,” he started again, “I saw the highlights on Golf Channel. You’re good. Maybe you just need to be a little more secure in your abilities and believe in yourself more.”

Reggie nodded happily, unable to stop smiling. The memory of the bad meeting at the bar had been completely forgotten now. Then Russell finished his drink and looked out the window towards the Ponderosa pines, which lightly bent in the soft wind now skimming Virginia’s coast.

“You’re here alone…” He clicked his fingers. “Reggie, right?”

The man tilted his head a little to look at Reggie from the corner of his eye to see if he had guessed the right name.

“Yes, Reggie. Reggie Weston…” He hesitated. He wasn’t sure how to behave: should he extend his hand, or wait for Russell to make a move? Nervously he turned his glass in his hands. His brain suggested it would be best to avoid any more physical contact for the moment.

“So, nice to meet you, Reggie Weston.” Russell nodded in his direction. He didn’t offer his hand and Reggie felt grateful for that.

“My pleasure, Russell Lee.”

They both laughed and Reggie felt the tension draining away.

“I was saying, are you here alone? At the tournament, I mean.”

“I’m with Carlos Marquez, my caddie.”

“Nobody else? No apprehensive mother who doesn’t want to let her little one go out alone…”

“I’m not that little. Who’s wrong about age, now?” Reggie asked, chuckling.

“A boyfriend?”

Boyfriend? Oh my.

Reggie pretended not to hear the question about his personal life and chugged his smoothie. Maybe a good beer wouldn’t have been bad in this moment…

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About the Author

Author Bio

Cristina Bruni lives in northern Italy with her husband and their child. She’s already published many M/M novels in Italy with Triskell Rainbow publisher. Since she was a young girl, her biggest wishes were being a mother and an author and now, after fighting for it for years, she finally succeeded in both. She loves travelling abroad, going to the cinema, reading Sherlock Holmes, luxury bags and playing tennis and golf. She’s madly USA and UK-sick.

She made her debut writing fanfictions and, now, her new wish would be writing love Male/Male stories for the rest of her life and living on a beach in Hawaii.

Maybe dreams will come true again, sooner or later…

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