All About Pharmaceutical Packaging Services

Packaging is an art, science and technology of shielding or enclosing goods for proper storage, distribution, and usage. A variety of packaging methods are available to meet different packaging requirements. The methods may be in the form of boxes, bags, wraps, pouches, sleeves or cylinders. Packaging therefore refers to the entire process of developing, testing, designing and creating individual packages.


With advancements in the field of packaging, the number of packaging options has increased. The major packaging options include paperboard packaging, eco-friendly packaging, recyclable packaging and self-development packaging. All these packaging methods have distinct advantages and drawbacks. Paperboard packaging is considered the easiest packaging option as compared to other packaging. It is also very low in cost and has a long shelf life.

Plastic packaging, on the other hand, is ideal for packaging delicate items and for use in sensitive products and machinery. This type of packaging is not environmentally friendly, as it contains high levels of toxic chemicals. It also degrades over time and requires constant replacement. The reusable poly board packaging is a viable packaging option. Its long shelf life, low cost and easy handling make it one of the most preferred packaging solutions.

Reused packaging is another innovative packaging solution that saves money while providing convenience. The packaging consists of two parts – the primary packaging and the secondary packaging. The primary packaging, which consists of the sheet and foil, is used for domestic purposes. The secondary packaging, which consists of the bubble wrap and secondary material like foam or thermoplastics, is used for shipping purposes. The primary packaging is utilized as and when needed while the secondary packaging is used as and when needed.

The packaging used for hazardous products and medicines must comply with all the international standards. Pharmaceutical companies follow international standards in the designing of packaging to ensure the safety of the packed products. The two main types of packaging used by Pharmaceuticals are the primary packaging and Secondary packaging. Both the packaging types have advantages and disadvantages.

Packaging solutions provided by pharmaceuticals allow the contents of the packed product to be observed easily. This helps in quality control and ensures the proper storage of the medicines. The importance of plastics packaging is exemplified by the fact that it has been compulsory by many countries for all manufactures to use plastics packaging in order to produce quality medicines.

Many companies now provide packaging services at a nominal charge. Pharmaceutical packaging is an important part of the medical world. As a result, there has been rapid growth in the number of companies providing packaging services. In addition, many companies provide packaging services in a specialized manner to cater to the diverse requirements of different companies. The specialization of many companies in packaging means that they offer packaging for all the different types of packaging, including pharmaceutical packaging.

It should be clarified that the term packaging does not mean that it has anything to do with the paper packaging. As a matter of fact, paper packaging is an outdated term and is no longer used. Packaging solutions provided by pharmaceuticals include the paper packagewithin various other applications such as anti-corrosive packaging made of non-woven plastics, such as PVC and polyethylene. Many companies now offer packaging services for all the different types of packaging available in the market today. Pharmaceutical packaging includes both in-house and outsourced packaging.