Lumina Grand EC – An Embodiment of Convenience and Sophistication

lumina grand ec

Residents at Lumina grand EC can experience luxurious living thanks to its convenience. Plus, this EC is within close proximity of several schools that provide students with outstanding educations.

Bukit Batok community club provides workshops, classes and activities that offer an abundance of experiences – an excellent way to develop new skills or pursue passions.


Lumina Grand EC is an impressive executive condominium boasting eye-catching features like high-tech gyms and relaxing swimming pools, located within an affordable and accessible Bukit Batok district location. Families looking to upgrade from their HDB homes may find Lumina Grand an attractive option.

Lumina Grand residents can take advantage of the JRL for an easy, eco-friendly commute, helping reduce carbon emissions while contributing towards Singapore’s sustainable future.

Lumina Grand offers its residents access to top-tier schools nearby, making it an ideal home for families who prioritize education as a top priority. Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Millennia Institute make morning school runs hassle free so parents have more time with their children than ever.

With access to both the Bukit Batok MRT station and various bus interchanges nearby, residents of Lumina Grand can expect seamless and quick travel throughout Singapore. Furthermore, integrated expressways help prevent congestion during rush hour for more efficient daily commutes.


Lumina Grand EC embodies both convenience and sophistication, providing its residents with an array of lifestyle amenities. Its prime location within Bukit Batok provides top-tier accessibility with public transit hubs like Botanic Gardens MRT station being only steps away and numerous bus services operating throughout its vicinity.

Bukit Batok Town and Jurong provide ample retail and dining offerings that add to Lumina Grand’s residential appeal, so residents can easily take advantage of retail shopping or dining within just minutes’ drive from home. Furthermore, with the forthcoming Jurong Region Line (JRL), even closer access will become possible, making life in Lumina Grand even simpler for its owners.

Bukit Batok Community Club also provides workshops and classes not typically found in conventional malls, giving residents an opportunity to hone their craft while spending quality time with friends. Millennia Institute is another popular choice among families searching for an exceptional pre-university education for their children.


Lumina Grand EC is an exquisite architectural marvel that stands out with its luxurious features. A favorite among HDB upgraders, this development marks a beautiful departure from conventional HDB designs while providing an opulent lifestyle experience at an unbeatably competitive price point.

Lumina Grand offers easy access to several highly regarded schools, making it a desirable option for families that value education. Keming Primary School can be reached within minutes and will provide an ideal learning environment that promotes character formation.

Lumina Grand also benefits from an extensive bus network, providing easy access to areas not directly linked to the MRT and relieving road infrastructure pressures. This makes Lumina Grand an excellent place for families that prefer an eco-friendly means of transport while helping ease road infrastructure pressures.

Residents can take advantage of the JRL, a new rail link which offers eco-friendly commuting solutions. By opting for MRT services instead, residents will be able to reduce their carbon footprint and align themselves with the country’s vision for a greener future.


Lumina grand ec is located close to some of the city’s best schools, making it an ideal option for families with children who wish to benefit from top-tier education without enduring long commutes daily.

Singapore is constantly upgrading its transportation infrastructure, including MRT lines, bus interchanges and road extensions. These projects align with Singapore’s commitment to sustainability by giving residents more eco-friendly lifestyle options while decreasing their carbon footprints.

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Jurong Region Line (JRL) will further improve connectivity in this area, making reaching destinations simpler and faster for residents. Furthermore, this will facilitate the emergence of more shopping malls, entertainment venues and dining establishments near JRL train stations, giving residents a richer lifestyle experience.