Should I Buy a Freehold Or Executive Condo in Hillview Singapore?

Hillview Regent is an EC along Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 located outside the core area of Hillview and offering residents a rural lifestyle away from urban stressors.

Before purchasing either a freehold condo or executive condominium, there are a few key points you need to remember. In this article we compare their respective benefits.

1. Cost

Cost of condos in Hillview will depend on the type and your individual requirements. While freehold condominiums tend to cost more, they allow more ownership control while saving on taxes and stamp duties.

ECs are constructed and sold by private developers, often featuring similar facilities as condos. Unlike condos however, ECs still are subject to some restrictions imposed by HDB for an initial period until full privatisation occurs; eventually these restrictions will lapse.

ECs also tend to appreciate less over time than regular condos, although this gap has narrowed recently. Exact amounts will depend on each specific EC and its long-term outlook in an area.

2. Convenience

Singapore offers numerous forms of housing, each offering their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But which is best suited for prospective homebuyers? This article looks into both options to assist buyers make informed decisions. This guide also highlights any differences between them to assist potential homeowners make an informed choice when considering purchasing property here.

Executive Condominiums (ECs) have become an increasingly popular trend in Singapore’s real estate market, offering luxurious living at more cost-effective rates, often located in prime areas. But what are its benefits?

3. Security

Hillview Peak provides a peaceful lifestyle to those seeking to live on the outskirts of Singapore. As this hybrid property type is both privately developed and government subsidized, making it more cost effective for many households. However, certain restrictions must be fulfilled within five years of occupancy, including meeting minimum income ceiling and occupancy period requirements.

Hillview Singapore buyers who wish to acquire an executive condominium must fulfill certain criteria, including being at least 21 years old and co-applying with either a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident as co-applicants. In addition, applicants must form family nuclei that adheres to HDB guidelines.

Once all requirements have been fulfilled, buyers can collect their keys and start living in their new home.

4. Amenities

Hillview residents enjoy access to an extensive array of amenities and services. Shopping, dining and sports facilities can all be found nearby in Hillview; in fact it boasts three schools: Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (Princess Elizabeth Primary), Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Swiss Cottage Secondary School – not forgetting some wonderful parks like Oak Avenue Park!

The Hillview MRT station on the Downtown Line offers easy and direct access to central Singapore, while major roads such as PIE, BKE and AYE provide quick routes out. This ideal location combines city living with nature retreats for an exceptional lifestyle experience.

Hong Leong Group, an established developer with projects in various parts of the world, will build Midwood at Hillview Estate.

5. Location

Hillview Green boasts a sophisticated atmosphere combined with lush landscaping. Situated within District 23, this new launch condo can be reached easily through Hillview MRT Station on the Downtown Line as well as West Mall, Beauty World Plaza and Bukit Batok Town Centre for shopping convenience.

ECs were introduced by the government as an affordable way for Singaporeans who desired more space than an HDB flat but couldn’t afford private property to own more space than what an HDB flat offered. They feature similar layout and facilities to private condos but are built and sold by third-party developers, leading to lower pricing compared to regular condos – some may even appreciate more over time due to superior designs and reliable developers; it all depends on individual cases.