Which Video Conferencing Services Are Right For Your Business?

video conferencing services

The Internet offers countless video conferencing services. Zoom, ClickMeeting, RingCentral Meetings, Zoho Meeting and others are just a few. But which one is right for your needs? If you want to make the most of this technology, it’s important to use the right one for your business.


Zoom has made it easy for people to conduct meetings online and share files. The service is available on computers and mobile devices. You can download the app on your phone and sign up for free. You can also schedule meetings and invite others to join. You can even share your screen with other participants. Zoom also allows you to add your contacts and sync your calendar with your phone’s.

Despite its rapidly increasing number of users, Zoom has faced a number of security problems. One of these is that the video recordings you take are easily viewable from an unsecured link, and it can also be accessed hours after you delete them. Another issue involves an exploit that can allow hackers to see your recordings without the knowledge of the host or other attendees. The company has promised to fix many of the problems with its security, but good user habits and good encryption will not prevent all security breaches.

Other features of Zoom include virtual backgrounds, which allow you to display a picture or video on the screen. You can also raise your hand, which will let the meeting organizer know if there are problems. You can also take control of another meeting participant’s screen if necessary. These features make it possible for people to communicate effectively regardless of where they are.


If you want to hold an online meeting or webinar with multiple participants, ClickMeeting is a great option. This browser-based video conferencing service does not require any software installation and works on all platforms. ClickMeeting also offers desktop and mobile apps, so you can easily organize your meetings and webinars. The ClickMeeting software includes a range of interactive tools and features, making your webinars more fun and informative. The company also offers customization options, so you can add your company’s logo to user interfaces and other features.

ClickMeeting provides a variety of features, including whiteboards, screen sharing, and toll-free numbers. In addition, the company offers account management and expert consultations. Users can also conduct live webinars. Users don’t have to download any software or use a separate client to attend a ClickMeeting event.

ClickMeeting offers audio-only and video modes for meetings. It also has a private chat window, which allows users to interact with each other without being interrupted. It also offers options for recording multiple presentation slides and organizing them in chronological order within shareable PDFs. Furthermore, you can import files from your Dropbox account and use the built-in whiteboard.

RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral Meetings video conferencing services provide business users with the features and benefits of face-to-face meetings. These features include improved audio, cameras, and controls. In addition, RingCentral is easy to install and maintain. The cloud-based software also allows users to participate in a meeting using a web browser.

In addition to allowing users to view the screen of another participant, RingCentral Meetings also enables users to share their screens with other participants. Meeting Hosts can control how to share screens. They can do this by clicking on the icon and then choosing Advanced Sharing Options. They can also set conditions to control how much screen sharing is allowed.

RingCentral Meetings allows users to easily plan, schedule, and attend video conferences. This makes it easy to match conferences to the schedules of different members of the team. The software also lets users send invitations directly to their phone numbers, making it more likely that participants will be able to attend the meeting.

Zoho Meeting

When it comes to video conferencing services, there are many options available to users. One of these options is screen sharing. This service doesn’t require any software to be downloaded to the user’s computer. It also works on tablets and mobile devices. The user can choose which parts of their screen to share, ensuring that their privacy is protected. In addition, the software supports recording and sending messages.

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The interface is fresh and easy to navigate. It has a main menu at the top, making it easy to access key features. A blue frame around the video feed identifies the active speaker, and the microphone icon is located on the lower left corner. In addition to a user’s ability to see who is present during a meeting, the interface lets users search for and sort the list of participants alphabetically, or change their audio and video devices.

Zoho Meeting provides round-the-clock technical support. You can also use its free polling feature to gather insights from participants. Polls can be sent before or during meetings. The results can help you better understand your audience, their pain points, and their motivations. This can make the discussion more engaging and reduce premature departures.