Which Cell Phone Charging Kiosk is Right For You?

cell phone charging kiosk

If you’re considering opening your own cell phone charging kiosk, there are several options to consider. There are static units, which require that you leave your phone at the kiosk, and flexible, mobile-friendly models, such as the ChargeItSpot. A glass charging table is another option. Which one is right for you? Read on to learn more. You may even decide to open a cell phone charging kiosk in your own home!


If you’re looking for a free place to charge your phone, you’ll want to download the ChargeItSpot mobile app. The app lets you search for a ChargeItSpot kiosk by zip code or city, and gives you details about the distance to the nearest station and its hours of operation. You can also get notifications when your battery gets low so you can head over to a nearby ChargeItSpot cell phone charging kiosk. You can download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

ChargeItSpot’s kiosks are designed with privacy in mind. Customers can choose how much privacy they want to give their data. For example, ChargeItSpot uses facial recognition technology to determine the identity of a person using the kiosk. They can also record videos for security purposes. The ChargeItSpot kiosk is one of a growing number of charging stations that have been installed in New York City. In addition to its charging stations, the city has a few others.


Veloxity’s kiosk is available near the Reference Desk in the Library’s first floor. The kiosk is designed to charge up to six devices at a time, and nearly 98 percent of smartphones and other mobile devices are supported. To use the kiosk, patrons simply select an empty locker and enter a personal PIN to unlock it. After inserting their device into one of the available cords, they can close the locker. Staff members at the kiosk can help patrons find the perfect charger for their device.

Designed to maximize charging efficiency, Veloxity’s mobile charging kiosks deliver 1% battery life per minute. The kiosks come with a free technical support and consulting service, and the rental fee for a one to two-day event starts at $860. Customers can also opt to add custom wrapping and shipping for an additional fee. Veloxity has received many awards for its kiosks, and it is proud to support local businesses.


The Flex cell phone charging station is a free-standing, customizable, lightweight cell phone charging kiosk. It is easy to transport and set-up and can be wall-mounted or table-top. This unique charging kiosk includes 12 charging tips for all modern devices and has an extra open port with a USB connector. It is fully brandable. You can choose the design and color scheme of your Flex mobile charging station based on your marketing objectives.

The 20-inch HD touchscreen plays video and audio, and the unit weighs less than 38 pounds. It ships in four pieces and is easy to assemble. It is easy to use and has five Apple Lightning connectors, two Micro USB connectors, four USB C ports, and one open USB port. This allows for quick and easy charging. As an added bonus, it has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for a seamless customer experience.

Glass Charging Table

If you’re looking for a mobile charging station that will get customers’ attention, look no further than the glass charging table. These tabletop charging stations are customizable and fully branded, making them the perfect item to give out to event attendees. These tables are perfect for bars, restaurants, convention centers, trade shows, and lounging areas. They come with a full assortment of charging accessories, including 12 tamper-proof cables and six open USB ports. They also come with built-in Qi wireless charging pads and are built with durable materials. Custom branding options are available, as well.

The Glass Charging Table has many features, including iPhone, USB C, and A/C outlets. Its industrial cables offer fast charging for all popular devices. The tempered glass top and advanced charging technology ensure a safe and effective experience. The charging station is available with solar panels, as well. It’s one of the most secure and convenient cell phone charging stations. Customers can use this charging station to charge their phones without having to leave the shop.


Whether you’re looking to add a cell phone charging kiosk to your lobby or business, the latest digital signage technology is here to help. NoviSign, a global leader in digital signage, has just completed the certification process with the Winnsen Industry Co., Ltd. to offer compliance certification for its Android-based cellphone charging kiosks. The kiosks range in size from fifteen inches to forty-three inches and feature lockable doors. They are also an ideal way to broadcast information and advertisements in high-traffic locations.

NoviSign’s technology allows for a seamless integration of content into the signage. NoviSign’s cloud-based solution allows businesses to manage content on kiosk devices, promoting their digital campaigns and enhancing customer engagement. Users can design their own social wall or slide show using the NoviSign digital signage software. In addition, the NoviSign platform provides easy, drag-and-drop widgets and a convenient scheduling feature. NoviSign is also unique in offering a White Label program for its customers.